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Electrical engineer working on circuit board


Nezitech Elektronik A.Ş. As the electronics industry in Turkey, information technology and procurement services we provide to all organizations engaged in R & D production in the sectors concerned with them. Nezitech Elektronik A.Ş. The mission is to provide quality, value-added solutions and services that will increase the competitive power of companies operating in the electronics manufacturing sector.

We meet your electronic component needs by loading from global leading companies in electronic material supply. We ship regularly every week from USA, Europe and Far East companies. The main goal of our organization is to provide fast, cheap and high quality materials and to establish permanent business partnerships with customer satisfaction.

By adding new ones to our product groups, we keep up-to-date, research and supply products that have stopped production and are difficult to find, in line with the wishes of our customers. Our most important goal is to provide the best price, fast and quality service.

Our import from global distributors in different regions of the world; It covers electronic materials such as Semi-Conductor, Connectors, Electromechanical, Passive Component, Transformer and Coil, Cable, PCB, LED / LCD / TFT Displays.

Vision mission

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